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"As a long-time patient and doctor of chiropractic, I've encountered several different approaches to delivering chiropractic care since my introduction to the profession 35 years ago. Some of these approaches have served patients well, while others made things more complicated than they needed to be. As one of my mentors was fond of saying, "It's chiropractic not rocket science," and in an overly complicated world, simplicity is a virtue. With time-tested treatment protocols and rehabilitative exercises for over 100 conditions, at Lake & Leaf Chiropractic you'll get honest, ethical recommendations and evidence-based care. Our mission is to improve and preserve the quality of life of those we serve."

Dr. Eric Gormanson


At Lake & Leaf Chiropractic we believe:

Relief is possible

Recent injury or recurring problem, our mutual goal is to get you better faster.

Your time is valuable

Our intake is online and secure; no extra time in the office for paperwork. Honest scheduling and minimal wait times.

Quality care can be delivered efficiently

97% patient satisfaction with an average improvement of 75% in over 6 years of post-care surveys.

A person is far more interesting than their problem

We love hearing about your family, occupation, hobbies and dreams!

If pain has you down, give us a call at (651) 257-2300 and let's see what we can do to restore joy to your pursuits and passions! 

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