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Studies show that 15.9% of adults in the U.S. experience migraines and severe headaches. A migraine is a neurological issue that can trigger a severe headache or crippling pain on one side of the head.


Chiropractic treatment involves physical therapy to treat musculoskeletal issues that may be the root cause of your migraines. This treatment must be done by a certified professional trained to administer exercises that help treat posture, spinal manipulation, and soft tissue therapy.

Read on to find out how Dr. Gormanson, our head chiropractor at Lake and Leaf Chiropractic in Lindstrom, MN, can help you get a fast headache and migraine relief. 

Can Our Chiropractor Treat Migraines?

A recent analysis uncovered that chiropractic treatment involving spine manipulation could help significantly reduce pain intensity from headaches and the number of days patients experienced migraines.

People suffering from migraines exhibit symptoms like pain, irritability, numbness, and temporary vision loss that comes with a splitting migraine.

Our chiropractor analyzes each case and finds the ideal manual treatment that will increase the health of your neuro-musculoskeletal system, reducing pain from headaches and migraines. For example, spinal therapy can activate inhibitory pathways that block pain signals from reaching the brain.

Chiropractic treatment can also relieve muscle tension and correct posture strain's short-term and long-term effects, reducing musculoskeletal pain around soft tissues. 

How Often Should You Seek Chiropractic Treatment?

How often you should show up for migraine or headache treatment at our facility depends on your specific needs. Our chiropractor may prescribe more treatment sessions during the initial stages when you first visit our new patient center at Lindstrom, MN.

We aim to consult and discuss with our patients and forge a convenient program of care and treatment methods that accommodates your needs.

What You Can Expect

Our professionals will schedule an appointment where you’re expected to undergo a series of physical and neurological exams. Here, we aim to test for pain spread, reflex movement, and nerve changes.

After that, depending on the results of the initial examination, our chiropractor may offer treatment solutions, such as:

  • Massage - Massages help relieve joint and muscle tension, ideal for alleviating tension headaches
  • Myofascial Release Therapy - This is an intricate massage technique that targets myofascial tissues for pain relief
  • Trigger Point Therapy - These are a series of physical exercises that release tension in different areas across the body.

At Lake & Leaf Chiropractic in Lindstrom, MN, our chiropractor may also suggest dietary changes, exercises you should do regularly, and the best posture to adopt.

In most cases, our experts will take a multifaceted approach to improve the symptoms of migraines. This approach includes treatments that target your lifestyle while simultaneously undergoing exercises that may reduce muscle tension.

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Chiropractic treatment is one of the most effective solutions for pain relief for people suffering from frequent headaches and migraines.

While the industry is yet to embrace this non-invasive treatment solution, there’s no doubt that specific chiropractic therapies can yield exemplary results for people suffering from musculoskeletal issues.

Contact us today at Lake & Leaf Chiropractic in Lindstrom, MN, and consult our able chiropractors for the best treatment for acute migraine and headache episodes. Call our office today at (651) 257-2300 to schedule an appointment.

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